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use what YOU got.

Especially in times like these.


The corna virus situation has definitely hit us hard financially, causing us to lose a couple of event based clients this month, which was a big portion of our predicted income for the month of March in 2020. But instead of looking at the negative, we are using this time to pay attention to things we don't normally get to, like our website, learning new editing techniques and our Facebook Group (hard plug. feel free to check us out at DCLP: Community Over Competition)!


Another thing during this time of waiting has allowed us to do is go back through some of our old footage and re-create and revisit some old memories that we got to witness first hand like the following GIF:

Seeing this fire bender during our trip to Mexico in 2018 was so encouraging for us because we saw a human taking full control of his life. Although he didn’t have much, he maximized what he did have, went out with absolutely no f’s to give, and did what he had to do to keep going.


And so are we. We are now seeing some vulnerabilities that we had in our business strategy and it all boils down to what we know. We can not stress enough the importance of continuing to learn new things. Not to scare you or anything, but these days it seems that almost everyone is a photographer and videographer. Which we think is freaking awesome because there is such a rich and genuine community around cameras and editing. But we are also fully aware that in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd you have to be constantly bringing new "things" to the table. This could be having a certain skill like animation, marketing or event planning, that other peeps may not have fully hashed out or even considered before. So we are going back to our roots, using what is available at hand, and making new stuff in the mean time. And we recommend you doing the same. Can't wait to share with all of you and look forward to hearing how you used time of "social distancing" to your advantage! Until then, keep breathing fire and stay positive 😤😤🥥🥥🔥🔥

(accurate representation on how we feel in GIF from).

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