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Early on - as full time business owners, Marissa and I recognized the power of meeting new people. We noticed that every time we met with someone, they would drop some incredible life advice from obstacles that they had faced along their journey. These knowledge bombs would leave us feeling encouraged, inspired and wishing that we had filmed the whole conversation so that way we could share it with the world so even more people could benefit from these lessons learned from past experiences.


This ultimately led us to starting our Dos Cocos Locos Podcast back in March 2019.


As we sat down and tried to figure out how to explain these life / business knowledge bombs, the term “Coconut Fire” slowly came to the surface. 


So we took it and rolled with it.


And now here we are. 1 year later - taking Coconut Fire to a whole new level.


the coconut fire

origin story

These are notes, tips, and memories from all the peeps we've had on the podcast so far.

- 8OZ pour

- Hand Poured

- 100% Natural Soy Wax

- 60 HOUR burn time

- High Quality Fragrance Oils

- Cork Lid

- Cotton Wicks

- Amber tumbler

Warning: Pretty lit & may cause you to actually follow your dreams.

No matter how crazy they may seem.

the scent of DOING.

candle story.png
candle descrip.png
candle logo.png

Our Coconut Fire candle was able to be developed and fine tuned with the expert advice of The Candle Pour based out in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, Florida. They were incredibly helpful in the candle making process and were able to bring our abstract idea to life!

candle pour.png
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